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Colorful Orchestra Inspired Painting

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Abstract Style Orchestra Painting

Original, colorful and expressive mixed media painting depicting an orchestra created with a palette of orange, reds, browns and blues. This artwork is inspired from a recent trip to New Orleans really got my creativity humming!  I have been a fan of live music for years, but have NEVER seen this much energy and passion packed into one tiny bar. The Spotted Cat  was wall-to-wall packed, standing room only.  The windows fogged up from the heat.  A young guy was swing dancing with a much older woman.  Musicians peeked in from the street.  When it was too packed to enter, they just started playing their horns in the doorway, jamming right along with the band.  Awesome!
To capture this energy, I used a lot of bright colors, textures, splatter and collage.  Details and facial features were minimized.  It was the feel, the mood, the passion, I wanted to convey.