Val Roy

Encaustics. Musicians. Abstracts. Nature. Music. Relationships. Figurative.

Here I am, down in Mexico, feeling free as the air.....

All my previous work has been sold at auction or is now in private collections.

Apologies to all my new and returning collectors who have tried to purchase my work in the past few months!  Also to the number of venues that have made requests for solo shows to exhibit my work! 

I have set up a rooftop studio, surrounded by sky, nestled in the bowl of the mountains, a view of historic buildings, the wind and sun in my face.. surrounded by hummingbirds!  Seriously? What better time and space to explore encaustic!  Melted wax..torches..omg..the pyromaniac in me is in Heaven!   Lol

Loving the journey..stay tuned for my newest works!  Abrazos!

Meet Val Roy - Canadian based artist specializing in abstract, landscape, music and musician inspired paintings.

I paint to capture the energy of things that inspire me, my passions, and vitality for life, and to share this with others.

For me, process is as important as the final piece. Energetic paint handling helps to convey and maintain my passion for the subject and keep my work fresh and dynamic.

 I paint in fluid, solid and open acrylics. The combination of their properties allows me to work both spontaneously, and to achieve depth in my work

I also love texture, and use modeling paste, string gel, and a palette knife, often scoring, scraping and combing the surface to achieve my desired effects.  

I strive for depth both in my surface textures and the meaning behind my work. For this reason, I frequently work in layers, incorporate collaged items and prefer a gestural, semi-abstract approach.

I also seek a certain degree of obscurity or ambiguity in my work. This allows the viewer to interact with the painting, stimulates their imagination, and leaves room for them to bring their own experiences and feelings to the painting. Maybe even make the viewer contemplate: what energizes and captivates me? Makes my senses tingle? Makes me feel alive?